Relation with carriers

Tracker cooperate with our carrier networks to help users obtain their shipment tracking information. This information comes directly from the corresponding carrier and reflects the actual shipment status during transit. However, please note that there may be delays in the carriers or partners updating the actual shipment status. Therefore, there may be cases where the logistics tracking information is in the “Waiting for details” status after you add a shipment. logística esté en el estado de “Esperando detalles” después de agregar un envío.  

For most international parcels, due to factors such as customs clearance for cross-border orders and low postage, there may be instances where the shipment tracking information cannot be updated in a timely manner or does not match the user’s expectations. In such cases, we recommend that you contact the carrier or merchant directly. Require for the information on whether the tracking number is valid and corresponds to the package being shipped to you.