Shipment exception explanation

Why my parcel always under “Waiting for Details” status?

  • This means that Tracker App is currently unable to obtain the logistics information for your order from the carrier. We provide three suggestions:
  1. Wait a while and try again: Due to possible delays in logistics updates by carriers, Tracker App is still actively querying the logistics information for the current package.
  2. Contact the carrier: If the logistics status has been in the Waiting for Details status for a long time and has not changed, we suggest that you contact the carrier directly with the current tracking number so that they can help you check the logistics status of the package.
  3. Contact the merchant: You can also contact the merchant to require the current shipping progress, confirm whether the tracking number is correct, and whether there are any mistakes caused by operator error in the tracking number.

Why does the logistics information show “Delivered”, but I have not received the package?

  • We suggest that you contact the merchant and the carrier as soon as possible to inquire about whether there may be an error with the tracking number or if there may have been an error in shipping.