Shipment status

  • Waiting for details: Tracker App is still waiting for the carrier to return the tracking information based on the tracking number entered by the user.
  • Query failed: There is an exception with the current tracking number, and Tracker is unable to track it.
  • Unfulfilled: The merchant is preparing the shipment and it has not been shipped yet.
  • Shipped: The merchant has shipped the package through the carrier.
  • Picked Up: The carrier has picked up the package.
  • In Transit: The carrier is transporting the package.
  • Arrived at Delivery City: The package has arrived in the city where the user is located.
  • Out for Delivery: The courier is about to start delivering the package.
  • Delivered: The package has been delivered and signed for.
  • Returned: The package has been returned to the sender due to some abnormality.
  • Canceled: The shipment has been canceled due to some abnormality.
  • Returning to sender: The package is returning to the sender due to some abnormality.
  • Exception: There is an exception in the delivery of the package.
  • Refused: The recipient refused to sign for the package.  
    Here are some reasons might cause the exception or abnormal situation: Incomplete address, customs clearance issue, restricted goods, infringing goods, lost or damaged, etc.