Package delivery status detection and guidance

Tracker helps users automatically detect any potential anomalies in their orders and provides notifications, allowing users to stay informed about the delivery status and take appropriate actions in a timely manner. Please note that if you have purchased a pre-order item and have already obtained estimated shipping information from the merchant, or if you have successfully received your purchased item, please disregard this notification.

  1. Order Anomaly

If Tracker identifies that the merchant has not shipped the order within 7 days from the time of payment, it will proactively send a reminder to the user, enabling them to promptly contact the merchant to inquire about any possible delivery-related anomalies.

  1. Delivery Anomaly

If Tracker identifies that the user’s package has been unable to obtain logistics information for more than 14 days during the delivery process or has remained in the current logistics status for more than 14 days, it will send a reminder to the user, allowing them to contact the logistics provider or the merchant to inquire about any anomalies in the package during the delivery process.

Suggestions from Tracker

As a logistics tracking tool, Tracker solely assists users in tracking orders and logistics information and does not participate in any transactions or fulfillment activities between users, merchants, or logistics providers. When you encounter the aforementioned situations, Tracker suggests the following actions:

  1. If you have completed the payment but the merchant has not shipped the order for an extended period, please promptly contact the merchant to understand the situation.
  2. If there is no update in the delivery progress, please check with the merchant to ensure the accuracy of the current logistics tracking number. You can request the merchant’s assistance in obtaining delivery information from the logistics provider or directly contact the logistics provider with the current tracking number to inquire about the status.
  3. If you encounter the aforementioned anomalies and are unable to receive feedback or assistance from the merchant for an extended period, Tracker also suggests contacting the payment channel or the bank associated with your credit card. Inform them about the situation you are facing and consider disputing the transaction to ensure the protection of your rights.