How to use Tracker App

Welcome to Tracker App!

Tracker is a shipment tracking tool designed to help you track your parcels. It integrates features that allow you to track your shipment and contact merchants easily. We have partnered with over 1000 global logistics service providers, including USPS, UPS, DHL, OnTrac, LaserShip, OSM, YRC, SEKO logistics, covering most regions worldwide and supporting the vast majority of our users with our advanced and comprehensive shipment tracking system. With Tracker, you can track your packages anytime and anywhere, and authorize email updates for smart notifications.

We currently offer three ways to provide you with shipment information:

1. Manually Adding Shipment

  • You can input your tracking number on the Add Shipment page, our system will automatically match the carrier of the current tracking number. Once you select the correct carrier information, the package can be successfully added.

2. Automatically create a shipment: From online shopping order

  • Once you authorize your account, Tracker will automatically synchronize order data from select online stores. When the corresponding online store processes your shipment, Tracker will retrieve the tracking number and carrier information to automatically create a shipment for easy tracking.

3. Automatically create a shipment: From email

  • You can authorize your Gmail or Outlook email through Tracker App. Then we will automatically recognize the tracking number in your email and create a shipment for easy tracking.

Tracker App strictly complies with the terms of service and privacy policy. All user data in Tracker App is protected.